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August 2013 - Senior Training with Sensei Tibor Rostás

Some of the Ulster Karate-Do Federation Senior members (Columba, Shawn, Paul and Martin) and accompanied with Junior members Aine and Dara McCole travelled to the Collon Karate Club to train with Sensei Tibor Rostás. Sensei Rostás was invited to train in Collon by Sensei Joe Smith of the National Karate Federation of Ireland and he extended an invitation to the UKF to attend. Sensei Joe did not need to ask twice. It was a tough long day with Wado Ryu Basic Techniques, Kata, Ohyo and Kihon. This was followed by Self Defense and Grappling. Being the first day back from a 2 week summer break, the training was tough going for all and soon got everyone back into shape. Thanks to Sensei Joe Smith for inviting us down.

After the Wado Ryu training and before the Self Defense and grappling

2013 July - Brown Belt Grading

The Ulster Karate-Do Federation held its Brown Belt grading for those eligible to grade 2nd Kyu. At the pre-grading stage a total of seven students were found to have potential for success. These were Ryan Doherty, Emily Bird, Erin McCole, Conal Gill, David Bell, Conor Kerlin and Ross Anderson. While all were aged under 16 years, each were prepared in the full Senior Brown belt grading. The examiners for the grading were Sensei Columba McLaughlin 6th Dan, Sensei Shawn Barron 5th Dan and Sensei Denis Donaghey 4th Dan. Fellow students, parents and invited guests were present and all were successful and achieved their 2nd kyu Gradings.

Presentation of 2nd Kyu Brown Belt Certificates - July 2013

2013 June - 5th World Championships for Seniors and Veterans

The World Union of Karate-Do Federations (WUKF) held the 5th World Championships for Seniors and Veterans 5th - 9th June 2013. The Ulster Karate-Do Federation Senior squad and Sensei Columba McLaughlin travelled to Bucharest in Romania for the championships. During the championships Columba acted as Chief Referee. Meanwhile, on other different tatamis the UKF team was very successful and achieved Gold in the Veteran Male Team Kata Category. The hard training regime by Captain Paul Taylor along with Shawn and Martin paid off as they had stiff opposition from the Russian and Ukranian teams. Also, the UKF achieved Bronze in the Veteran Male Rotation Team category. In addition, the Senior team achieved Bronze in the Male Sanbon Team kumite. The Senior team were unlucky in not reaching the semi-finals of the Senior Male Rotation team.

The successful UKF Senior Squad members at the WUKF 5th World Championships

Shawn Barron did the UKF proud when he took Silver in the Veteran Male Kumite and he also achieved Silver in the Veteran Male Kata. Not to be out done, Martin McCole did very well in achieving a Bronze medal in his Veteran Kata category. However, while Paul Taylor reached the final 6 of the Senior Male Wado Ryu Kata, he was unlucky in the final round. While Dean and Glen Barron did well in the team kumite categories, both were unlucky in the quarter finals of each of their respective individual kumite categories. In summary, the UKF entered 7 events and achieved 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.

Also, the WUKF held its annual congress and this being an election year, the congress met to receive the reports of WUKF activities and finances and also to elect a new President and Vice Presidents. The UKF proposed a vote of thanks for Dr. Osvaldo Messias D'oliveria for successfully guiding the WUKF through the sometimes very choppy waters of the previous 8 years. Also, the UKF congratulated Dr. Liviu Crisan (Romania) on his election as President of WUKF. In addition, Mr. Roberto Perri (Belgium) was elected General Secretary of WUKF. While Peter Allan (England) was elected European President, the UKF was very pleased that both Sensei Tibor Rostas (Hungary) and Sensei Columba McLaughlin (Ireland) were elected as European Vice Presidents. Well done and congratulations to all.

Shawn Barron Silver in Veteran Male Kumite and in Male Kata Veteran C

Martin McCole 3rd Place Kata Veteran A

2013 June - Collon Karate Club 10th Anniversary Championships

The Ulster Karate-Do Federation took its Junior Squad to the Collon Karate Club inaugural tournament. This was hosted and organised by Sensei Joe Smith 4th Dan. It was a long day but very successful day for the UKF with Gold Medals being achieved in 14 events, Silver in 15 events and Bronze in 8 events. Well done to all.

The UKF Squad and medal winners at the 2013 Collon

2013 April - Wado Training with Shihan Kando Shibamori 9th Dan

Whilst in Budapest, the Ulster Karate-Do Federation squad members took the opportunity to train with Shihan Kando Shibamori 9th Dan. In the very hot conditions, Shibamori Shihan showed his exceptional fitness level and his mastery of Wado - Ryu techniques. The training was divided into a Seminar for all Grades and this was followed with an intensive seminar for High grades only. Both Sminars focused on Wado - Ryu Tsuki and Kihon and also Kata.

Attendees at the Wado-Ryu Seminar with Shihan Kando Shibamori 9th Dan, Budapest 2013

Shihan Kando Shibamori 9th Dan taking class, Budapest 2013

Kata practice at Shihan Shibamori Wado-Ryu Seminar - Budapest, 2013

Kihon and tSuki practice at the Shihan Shibamori Wado-Ryu Seminar - Budapest 2013

2013 April - The 2nd Szec-Galga Cup - April 2013

The Ulster Karate-Do Federation Veteran Squad and Referee officials travelled with fellow WUKF Ireland members from the National Karate Federation of Ireland (Collon Karate Club) to Kartal in Hungary to participate in the 2nd Szec-Galga Cup. Members from both squads achieved well. The UKF squad did very well with Martin McCole achieving a Gold medal in the Veteran Male Kumite. The UKF Veteran Team won a Gold medal in the Male Veteran Team Kumite with a bit of help with fellow Hungarian Veteran. This match went to a 1-1 draw with the outcome being decided by overall points. The UKF team were the victors. Also, The UKF Kata Team achieved Silver in the Veteran Kata team event. In addition, they also took a Bronze medal in the Senior Team Kata event. Finally, Shawn Barron did well to achieve a Bronze medal in the hotly contested Male Veteran Kata event. Both Columba McLaughlin and Denis Donaghey officiated at the event. Well done to all for keeping the Irish Flag flying high.

Martin McCole (3rd from Left) Gold medalist in Veteran Male Kumite

UKF Team - Gold Medalists in Male Veteran Team Kumite

Members of the UKF and NKFI squads who were succesful at the 2nd Szec - Galga Cup

2013 April - The 6th UKF Invitation Tournament 2013

The UKF held its 6th UKF Invitation Tournament on the 6th April 2013. The number of entries was higher than in the 2012 event and came from through out Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium and Romania. There were 79 categories of competition and most were hotly contested. A referee seminar was held by Dr. Columba McLaughlin (WUKF Chief Refere) on the 5th April at which the importance of respect among the competitors, coaches and referees was discussed and the penalties for those federations whose members or followers are disrespectful to volunteer officials. The UKF has a zero tolerance of such behaviour. Also, because of the high number of children entering the competition - their safety in relation to contact was a main focus point. The day went very well with some fantastic displays of good strong karate skill. All of the visiting Federations paid tribute to the high standard of the competitors and the fairness of the referees. Behind the scenes, the Tournament Officials who kept the scores, managed the Computer Scoring systems, and who looked after the children all deserve thanks. It was a busy day for all officials and the management of 79 Categories went without a hitch. The Senior Male Sanbon Kumite and the Senior Male Ippon kumite were well contested by all Federations. Overall, it was a very successful day and most Federations went home with medals. The UKF itself achieved Gold in 16 events, Silver in 14 events and Bronze in 18 events. Well done to all who took part.

Referees at the 6th UKF Invitation Tournament. Sitting 4th from the right is Dr. Liviu Crisan (Vice President of the World Union of Karate-Do Federations.

UKF Medal winners at the 6th UKF Invitation Tournament.

2013 April - Columba McLaughlin 6th Dan Award

Congratulations to Sensei Columba McLaughlin who was awarded his 6th Dan Grade at the recent UKF Invitation Tournament. Columba has been training for 40 years and started training under the tuition of Sensei George McBride from Derry. He also trained under Sensei George Canning and Sensei Meiji Suzuki. In 1984 he commenced training under Shihan Ritchie Noblett who graded Columba up to 5th Dan. Columba has in the past been an Irish Lightweight Champion (U65 Kgs) and was also on the Derry Team of 1979 that won the Irish senior team title. Over the years Columba has worked tirelessly in developing Karate in the North West of Ireland and also in Northern Ireland. He taught karate in Clubs throughout Derry and Donegal. In more recent times he has led the Ulster Karate-Do Federation to National and International recognition and achievement. Under his leadership and with the help of all the UKF Squad and coaches the UKF has achieved National, European and World title championships. In 2009 Columba was awarded WUKF Chief Referee status and has started developing the Refereeing structure within the Ulster Karate-Do Federation. To keep in regular practice, Sensei Columba trains one hour each day in the Wado Ryu Katas, Ohyo Kumite and Kihon Kumite.

Sensei Columba McLaughlin 6th Dan.

2013 April - UKF Referee Awards April 2013

Congratulations to Sensei Paul Taylor 2nd Dan who was recently promoted to Association Referee status. Sensei Paul is well known as a competitor at both National and International level. But in the last few years he has developed his refereeing skills. Also, congratulations to Sensei Martin McCole 2nd Dan who was recently promoted to Association Senior Referee status. Sensei Martin has a well deserved National and International profile and currently he is a WUKF European Referee. The presentations to both Paul and Martin were made by Columba McLaughlin (WUKF World Chief Referee) at the recent 6th UKF Invitation tournament.

L-R: Columba McLaughlin, Paul Taylor, Martin McCole and Mary Doherty.

2013 March - UKF Success at the 2013 Herstal Championships

In Mach 2013, the UKF senior squad members and fellow Karate-Ka from the NKFI travelled to Liege in Belgium for the Herstal Championships hosted by the Sensei Roberto Perri and the LFKB. There was a large entry and teams from Belgium, Romania and Poland taking part. The team consisting of Dean Barron, Glen Barron, Padraig Kerlin and NKFI member Gordon Smith did well in achieving Silver in the Senior Team Rotation. In addition, while Gordon Smith achieved Gold in the Men's heavyweight, Dean Barron achieved Silver in the Men's Intermediate weight. Both Sensei Columba McLaughlin and Sensei Joe Smith accompanised the team as Chief Referees.

UKF & NFKI Squad and Officials Liege - Belgium 2013

2013 February - UKF Success at the 2013 Bawnogue Championships

The UKF Squad and Officials travelled to Dublin and participated 2013 Bawnogue Championships. Clubs from all over Ireland participate in this event. Similar to the UKF Cross Border Championships - it is designed for Novices, Children and Cadets. Congratulations to all the UKF Junior Squad Members who took part and especially to those who were successful and achieved 5 Gold Medals, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze. Well done to all our competition squad, your hard work in squad training has paid off again and your UKF coaches are very proud of your achievments.

Gold Medals:

Aine McCole (Kumite), Coror Doherty (Kumite), Conal Gill (Kumite), Conor Kerlin (Kumite).

Silver Medals:

Caolan Harkin (Kata), Chloe Anderson (Kata), Katie Doherty (Kumite), Stacey Doherty (Kumite),

Bronze Medals:

Conal Gill (Kata), Darragh McCole (Kata), Dara Gill (Kumite), Chloe Anderson (Kumite), Junior Team Kata.

2013 January - The 30th UKF Club Championships - Jan 2013

The UKF was formally launched on Sunday 28th March 1983. This year is the Ulster Karate-Do Federation 30th Anniversary. The 1st major event was the annual UKF Club Championships. As usual the competition was held in the Aileach Youth and Community Centre, Burnfoot, Co. Donegal. There was a good turnout from each of the clubs.